One of the most vital aspects of managing any estate or complex is to attend to queries, requests and complaints from residents. The EEM online website was developed to stream line this process and EEM staff monitor all communications to ensure that a satisfactory conclusion is reached. In addition, EEM operates a 24 hour emergency call centre to assist with after hour emergencies; To ensure harmonious living for the benefit of all residents, EEM ensures that the estate Rules of Conduct are upheld by all residents, whether tenants or owners, visitors, contractors, sub-contractors or employees; Regular meetings are held with the Trustees of each estate and complex at which management issues are addressed and thereafter actioned by EEM. All legal matters pertaining to Sectional Title/Section 21 regulations are also attended to; EEM handles the day to day site management of each estate/complex. This includes regular site inspections and monitoring of internal and external service providers and contractors.

Each estate and complex is unique in its requirements and therefore the grounds and maintenance portfolio is compiled on a needs-basis. Included in EEM’s Grounds & Maintenance services are: EEM supplies and manages fully trained, uniformed and equipped grounds staff depending on requirements; A weekly grounds and maintenance service, and for larger complexes and estates, a grounds and maintenance team is on site daily; The supply and delivery of consumables such as pool chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides and necessary cleaning materials; Regular site inspections; Attending to and following up on any Council service problems and regulations; Offering a full advisory service with regards to building and grounds maintenance matters; Sourcing of external contractors and sub-contractors if required, checking quotations and monitoring services rendered; Overseeing painting, waterproofing, thatching and similar projects.

For the issuing of Certificates as required by section 15(4) of the Sectional Titles Act No 95 of 1986, the Managing Agents shall be entitled to recover from the purchaser or seller, as the cause may be the fee stated in Annexure C hereof. In the event of the Managing Agent being required to attend to any matter not specified in Annexure A hereof, or to attend site meetings with contractors or attend to physical deliveries of whatsoever nature or to the registration or dismissal of employees, then in such event, the Managing Agent shall carry the cost of such travelling. Should the Managing Agent be required to attend any meetings of the Committee Members or the Home Owners’ Association, or be required to attend any other meeting on instructions of the Committee Members, that extends past 20h00, attendance of such meetings for any period after20h00 shall not be charged for. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained, no additional fee shall be charged by the Managing Agent for attendance at the Annual General Meeting of the Home Owners’ Association. It is agreed that such Annual General Meeting shall not be held on a Friday evenings, Saturdays, Sundays or Public Holidays. Any attendance required by the Managing Agent arising from Arbitration’s in terms of Regulation 71 of Management Rules of the Sectional Titles Act and any attendance/ representation required arising from legal action taken against delinquent owners shall not be charged for.